The Laurel Society


What is the Laurel Society? It is SIA’s prestigious recognition program for $1,000 and above donors. Since 1994 more than 6,000 Laurel Society Members have contributed $10 million through the Live Your Dream Awards, Dream It, Be It Award, or/ and Unre-stricted Program Awards which help fund all SIA Club Grants, the Workplace Campaign to End Domestic Violence, and others.

What is the change in the Laurel Society? The 2015 change is that a donation to any of these awards are credited to the overall Lau-rel Society which will help fund all SIA programs including Soroptimist Club Grants, the Workplace Campaign to End Domestic Vio-lence, and others.

Result for SIA Members Donors may contribute gifts to any of the three funds (Live Your Dream Awards, Dream it Be it Award, Unre-stricted Support or Domestic Recovery Fund, etc.) and will be able to say, “I made a donation to fund the Live Your Dream Awards and am recognized in the Laurel Society for my gift.” A monthly gift can still be designated for a specific fund which can be selected from a drop down menu on the SIA website.

SIGP Laurel Society Blanket squares: $10 per square of a blanket which has 100 squares and makes a contribution when $1000 is reached. The owner of the winning square becomes a Laurel Society member. Keep this in mind for a Mother’s Day or other holiday. Next time we meet you may purchase a square which is clearly marked with a white tag on which you may write whatever you want.

The Laurel Society Blanket squares will be available at district meetings and at spring conference.

Submitted by: Vivian Walczesky , Midwestern Region Governor

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