Membership Updates

A detailed “Celebrating Success Report” was submitted regarding our Membership Re-cruitment Potluck that was held on May 31st.

I am saddened to report that we had eight members that did not renew their memberships for this year. We ere waiting for the final tally in order to send out the “Resigning Member Questionnaires”. These will be sent out in the next month and hopefully they will be re-turned with comments to aid us in determining ways to improve our club. We understand that in several cases these women have had lifestyle changes and in some cases, logistically could not remain in the club. While this is disappointing news, we also have gained two new members over the summer. Mary VanWasshenova was a guest at our Membership Potluck in May and became a member in August. Cindy Ellison has come back to the fold, so to speak, by re-joining after a few years’ hiatus. We are thrilled to have both of these women joining our ranks and know that they will be making a wonderful contribution to the club.

Everyone in our club is a member of this committee and I encourage you to invite women that you think would be interested in giving of their time (in whatever amount they can) to help with our mission. If you know of someone, please invite them to a meeting as a guest. Remember if they come as guest their meal is paid for by the club. Also, I am more than willing to send out information to any potential member, If you can get me an e-mail that is the easiest way to send the information.

We will be installing our new members at our Christmas Party. I have ordered the name tags for these ladies and they should be arriving soon.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Noland, Membership Committee Co-Chair

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