Membership Updates

At the September meeting we welcomed our newest member, Mary Van-Wasshenova and our returning member Cindy Ellison. We sent out and received back a “new Member Survey”. This is a survey that is sent out on the first anniversary with the club to find out how we are doing and ways we can improve. I am happy to report that this member is very pleased with the club and gave us a very favorable rating. She also made a suggestion for a fundraiser that was passed on to that committee for review.

The eight resigning member questionnaires will be e-mailed in the next week or so and all responses will be returned to Governor Vivian Walczesky and she will report back to the club.

Again, I thank all of you for inviting guests to our meetings and if you know of anyone who would like some information regarding the club, please let me know.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Noland, Membership Co-Chair

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