Loreal Paris’ Women of Worth

Women of Worth

Loreal Paris’ Women of Worth honors extraordinary women who find beauty in giving back to their communities.

Theresa Flores has been nominated for this honor. There are ten other women who have been nominated so we need to vote, every day, for Theresa. There is a $25,000 prize that can be put to good use for her cause The Soap Project.

The celebration is set for December 6th in New York City, so we need to vote so she can win.

Go to WomenofWorth.com and it brings up the honorees. Click on the star on Theresa’s picture. You need to provide you e-mail but you do not check the box to receive anything. You also have to indicate you are 18 and then send the vote.

The other honorees have great programs, but we would love to see Theresa win because she is an amazing woman.

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