District Meeting Information

Bev Bucur talked about SI President Mariet Verhoef-Cohen;s appeal being “water”. Water should be easily accessible to all women due to the fact that water is life. Check out all of the information on the Midwestern Region’s website.

Kris Armstrong talked about the importance of us being able to save ourselves and the Virginia Wagner Award. Think Hildy, acorns and Wagnerian thoughts. More information will be presented at Spring Conference.

Our Dimes for Dreams goes hand in hand with Club Giving. These funds are used for the awards on a national level, such as Sara Baker, and they are used to give back to the clubs in forms of grants.

Tressa Duffin gave an eye opening talk on human trafficking – numbers and a very moving video presented by Manasseh Project about the numbers of people trafficked in Grand Rapids. She also talked about Truckers Against Trafficking and the information they pass out.

Pricilla Hutra and Renee Duford-Russell, of the nominating committee indicated they are still accepting applications for region board members.

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