Daily Pick 3

We are super excited that our kickoff for the Daily Pick 3 was launched at Celebration of Women. You can pick up your tickets from Tammi at Paul’s Quality Collision or Kay Sisung at the County Treasurer’s office. Linda Boberg has offered to bring tickets to you. We are asking each member to try to sell 25 tickets. It is very important that each member keeps track of their 25 tickets. There are no numbers on the outside of the envelopes. We would like to ask that there is no trading of tickets. The fundraising committee is keeping track of the number of tickets given to each member. If you have tickets to return, let us know. Please do not give your tickets to another member.

Daily Pick 3 – will be held during the month of June. Tickets will be available starting March 23rd and we will sell through May 31st. We will have 1,000 tickets to sell at $10 each. This raffle will follow the 7:30 daily drawing and each ticket holder has a chance to win $100 Monday – Friday and $250 on Saturday for the entire month of June. There is no drawing on Sunday. If the daily 3 is one number up or down, the ticket holder can still win $25 For example, if the ticket number is 650, and the daily 3 number is 650, they win $100 or $250. If the daily 3 number is 649 or 651, they win $25. Each ticketholder has at least 75 chances to win.

Tammi Van Aken, Fundraising Chair

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