Daily Pick 3

We are in full swing and will continue to sell tickets through May 31st. There are a few members who have not received their tickets yet. We are happy to bring them to you.

Just a recap on how to sell the tickets. Each member has sealed envelopes. When you sell a ticket ($10), open the envelope and have the buyer fill out the ticket stub. Both the ticket and the stub have a number on them. Give the customer the ticket and keep the stub. We follow the evening draw of the Michigan Daily 3 in June. If a winning number hits on Monday – Friday, they win $100. If it is on Saturday, they win $250. If the number is one number up or down they win $25, Monday – Saturday. There are 3 winners every day total-ing 75 chances to win.

The money and stubs can be turned into Kay or myself. It is really important to let Kay or myself know how your ticket sales are going. We want to try to avoid having unsold tickets at the last minute. It’s our goal to sell all 1000 tickets.

Upcoming Fundraiser Dates

  • Pub Crawl – September 16th (tentative)
  • Tenth Annual Ladies Shopping Night Out: November 16, 2017

Tammi Van Aken, Fundraising Chair

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