Attending Spring Conference

My first Spring Conference – – – by Colleen Laginess

The weekend as a whole was an awesome experience. I look forward to going to many conferences in the years to come. Overall, the guest speakers were extremely moving, the workshops and presenters were awesome and insightful. I met some great women from all walks of life. We laughed, we cried, we cheered for the other women who succeeded and clubs that received awards. I learned about Soroptimist, its history and some of the ins and outs. I also learned about human trafficking and how I can help these women find a way out ot that situation.

When I left on Sunday, I felt that this was a weekend for me to meet new people, learn more about what Soroptimist does for women and girls and walk away with information that I can use to help women and girls succeed. Winning the 50-50 raffle on Friday night and a basket on Sunday wasn’t too bad either. I wanted to thank everyone who attended for a positive and uplifting experience. Again, as I said earlier, I look forward to attending next year’s conference.

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